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is recognized as the best in a complete range of construction with high quality, and has a list of happy customers who are happy with our previous construction service they got. Now we are coming with mega luxerious lifestyle project Krishna Nagar We proudly say this project ensures every family member has the luxury of time to purse their passion and live a happy, convinent life.

Krishna Nagar

Krishna Nagar

is not just a place where you live. It's a home which offers the greatest luxury of all Time. Thanks to its superb location the proud residents can invest their precious time on their loved ones more productively, every single day. This ensures every family member has the luxury of time to pursue their passion and live a happy, convenient life.

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The intimacy of Ultimate Luxury

Club House

An Inspired social life awaits you at the project Krishna Nagar. The truly world-class infrastructure gives you the environment to enjoy and relish with friends and family. Features that inspire and motivate and bring life to the brim of excitement in the essence of Bhuaarna Unique Estates.

Club House

Project Features

100% Vasthu

Experience harmonious living with our 100% Vastu-compliant spaces, where ancient principles guide modern design for optimal energy flow and positivity.

Avenue Plantation

Transform your surroundings into a lush haven with our avenue plantation services. Witness the beauty of nature unfolding along your pathways.

Wide Blacktop Roads

Experience the allure of smooth and wide blacktop roads that redefine the way you travel. Our roads aren't just paths; they're gateways to convenience and connectivity.

Concrete Drains

Say goodbye to stagnant water and muddy pathways – our concrete drains effectively manage water flow, keeping your environment hygienic, safe, and aesthetically

Boundary Wall

Experience a sense of exclusivity and seclusion as our boundary walls shield you from the outside world, allowing you to revel in the comfort of your personal haven.

Water Pipe Line

Experience uninterrupted water supply as our meticulously engineered pipelines ensure a steady flow, catering to your needs and comfort around the clock.

An exclusive offering only for residents and excellent combination of comfort and convenience to suit every requirement as well as need.

Our Projects

Krishna Nagar

Jammu Village, Narsannapeta

Krishna Nagar is not a just a place where you live. its a home which offers the greatest luxury of all time.

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A new dimension of luxury.

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Krishna Nagar

Plots & Housing

2 BHK Villas

Indulge in the epitome of luxury living with our exquisite 2BHK villas. Every corner exudes elegance, from the grand foyer to the meticulously designed interiors.


Unveil the canvas of your dreams with our prime residential plots. Each plot is a blank slate, ready to transform your vision into reality.

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